Where to buy the most realistic male sex dolls on the Internet

realistic male sex dolls

The legendary inflatable dolls were left behind, now what is “à la mode” are the hyper-realistic silicone sex male dolls. To this day, when someone thinks “I want to buy a male doll for sex”, it is increasingly normal to be decanted by these sex dolls that are sold on the web.

They are made of high-quality silicone, they look so real that, at first glance, it can be easy to confuse them with a real person. This new technology goes far beyond the mere erotic toy. What’s more, many of its advertisers warn customers that, after testing a real-size silicone doll, they will most likely never again want to have a flesh and blood bride. Just look at this fun article or enter our Japanese dolls section and you will be amazed.

Male sex dolls account for a mere 10% of sales according to The RealDoll company, and even those are often sold to gay males. According to human sexuality expert Cynthia Ann Moya:

In the content analysis I did of magazines and books, I don’t think any of [the examples] involved women….This is not to say that it never happened. But the mythologies that people tell each other about these sex dolls all involved men.



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